Round one today, the sun is shining and the frost is almost clear. Yesterday, I was able to pick up a gentleman who has been caddying the LPGA Tour the last few years. We hit it off yesterday and I am excited to have someone with me this week. The courses look great  with their own little quirks. Bent greens today on the Palms Course, just like I grew up on and Bermuda tomorrow which will take me back to my Florida days. It feels like forever ago but in reality it has only been a few years.

Like I’ve said in the past, my journey has been one that is far from the “norm”. I like to think everywhere I play I have an advantage because I have been all over the country so any condition that comes my way I am wiling and ready to conquer. I’ll post later with my results but you can follow also at the Nevada Open website!

‘Ride the Wave’