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There have been some updates for the Canadian Tour that I wanted to let you know about today. The Tour has released a schedule that shows we will be starting in June, instead of March, in British Columbia. The Canadian Tour has joined forces with the PGA Tour to try to help market the tour and get more sponsors which will help in adding some events.

 Up until then, I will be playing various places looking to improve my game and get ready for not only the Canadian Tour but for the PGA Tour Qualifying School at the end of the year. It has been a long wait to get an opportunity to tee it up inside the ropes and get a glimpse of what is like to play with some of the best mini tour players around. I guess that’s why they say “patience is a virtue”.I will be playing some events in Arizona and California, before I make my way up to Canada for the summer.

 I hope to see some comments on here, and I would love to be updated on how things are going in your lives as well. I saw from the poll we had this week that you would like to see more pictures so I hope you enjoyed the last few pictures I posted of the course and the gym. I would love to chat with you so if you have any comments or questions just send them my way. It’s nice to see people checking in on this blog periodically–the 2 minutes you take out of your day to see whats going on with my journey means more to me than any of you can imagine. I really appreciate all the comments I have received via Facebook, and cannot wait to get back to the Northern part of the country to see some of you that I have not seen in a very long time. Hang in there with me, and hopefully I will have some good things to report back with.

Like always, “find your wave”, and stick to the process.