Many of us shy away from playing golf during the winter months, and, on the surface, it is easy to understand why. The fair weather golfer will tell you that colder, usually wetter conditions make for harder scoring; that most courses are left neglected by groundskeepers, and that it is only the naive, foolhardy and disillusioned golfer that dares set foot on a course from December to February.

The reality, however, is that the naysayers only have it partly right, and winter golf can be both enjoyable and rewarding. As with any round of golf, we may leave the course enraged, but conditions rarely account for this outcome. Granted, the ball doesn’t travel as far and there is less run on the fairway, but courses are often cheaper to play; pace of play, something plaguing the game, doesn’t infiltrate the consciousness, and more importantly, there is nothing more beautiful…

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