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One mistake is all it takes to be in or out. Today’s update is going to be short and sweet. I played a solid round of golf in some tough conditions yesterday for the Northern Trust Open. The wind was blowing and drawing the last tee time of the afternoon made it tough to put up a low number. I made a costly mistake on the 15th hole which cost me a double bogey 6 and all but sealed the deal of me not making the cut. 1 under 70 was the score and my 1 over 72 missed by two.

I am ready to head to Arizona in a few weeks to play a couple of 3-day events and start putting together multiple tournament rounds. Even with the frustrating mistake I made yesterday, I realize that I need to take a positive outlook out of the day, because that’s what matters the most. As I’ve said before, find your wave and ride it. Stick to your process and make it happen…

Remember, “IT” can be done. Whatever that may be in your life.