Sitting on the Cut Line


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It was a great day to be on the golf course. The weather was great and the golf course was prime for low scoring. I managed to get around the golf course today in 70 strokes, and am sitting right on the cut line. I will be looking for another solid round tomorrow to stay inside the cut line and to play on friday.

Things have been looking up lately, short game has become a solid aspect of my game once again, and my putter is finally starting to heat up. I spent a lot of time on the range after my round today, trying to piece together my golf swing again. I have been struggling tee to green the last few weeks and was happy that my short game saved my round today. I have had to put a lot of things into perspective lately, and it has helped me realize that golf is a game. Its not life or death. Golf is my career. There will be good and bad days, ups and downs.

I have surrounded myself with good company over the last few years, and realized that is what matters in life. If you work hard, no matter the outcome, you should feel proud of what you did. Enjoy the present and lay it on the line if need be, because you never want to look back and think you could have done more. Stick to the process, and ride the wave.



3 Week Stretch


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 I will be on a 3 week stretch of tournaments in AZ playing on the Gateway Tour. I will be giving round by round updates and what is going on during my day while I am there. I am finally starting to play a full schedule and really excited to keep everyone updated. Hope all is well, and remember that the present is what matters and the future is something to look forward to. Ride it.


A Much Needed Boost

Finally…a day I have been looking for! Wednesday, I finally put together a full round of golf. I managed to get around the golf course in a mistake free(bogey free) fashion. I made 4 birdies and posted a solid 66. Unfortunately, I just couldn’t overcome my poor start on Tuesday. I am taking a lot of positives out of Wednesday’s round and have finally realized that I have some fire power underneath me. I worked really hard all afternoon after my Tuesday morning round, and was pleased to see that I managed to implement so quickly what I had worked on the day before. Things are looking up, and the much needed boost of confidence will bode well in the upcoming weeks.

Keep your head up, and ride it.